The Vineyard

In the year 2000, the plantation of the vineyard started, following a thorough study of the ground and climate. 4000 vine stumps were planted in 2471 acres, which means an area of 1'2m x 2'4m per stump.

We chose Austrian vines of the highest quality (Kober-Kohlfurerst nursery in Baden, Vienna) hybridized with seven different varieties, all of which are giving very good results in Austria. The specific qualities of the vines have improved in this area even more due to the exceptional climate conditions in Andalucia

The whole vineyard is surrounded by a natural hedge of pomegranate and quince trees, espino albar and blackberry bush among others,which provides shelter to insects and micro organism. This creates a natural balance ideal to avoid the spreading of plagues and diseases.

The different treatment to the vines in the yard follows biological procedures. Beneficial organisms such as Bacillus Turingenses, natural oils, soaps and even milk, are used, which strengthen the vines at the same time. Sulphur preparations are used just in minimum quantities and only when forced by climatological conditions. Of course, all the procedures follow the criteria established by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture.